chanel the great (wingbones) wrote in rushmore,
chanel the great

wes anderson themed party

i'm sure you've all had them! and they've probably been better than the one i went to just because the fact that the one i went to, me and my friend were the only ones dressed up! but here's a picture anyway!

also, please forgive the "crest" being on the wrong side! haha i'm the femme max fischer.

also! this is a random question! but! my ipod is named max fischer and i was at a friends the other day and i logged into her computer and it said "max fischer is now available for synching" and i did a double take and thought "have i ever plugged my ipod into her computer?!" and that's when i asked her "is your ipod named max fischer?!" and she goes "yeah why?" and i go "so is mine!!!!!"

so here's a question, who else named their ipod max fischer?
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