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10:51pm 26/12/2009
wes_stamps  wes_stamps  wes_stamps  wes_stamps 

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02:09pm 20/09/2008
  [ post number | seven ]
[ 54 icons / 1 graphic ]
17 cobra snake
12 the darjeeling limited
12 james franco
9 leighton meester
4 rushmore

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Rushmore Icon Party !! 
02:45pm 22/07/2008
  Hey guys. I'm bringing you icons. I love love love Rushmore. And hopefully I'll be making 8457181 more where these came from.

[51] rushmore
(and then [41] other icons that aren't rushmore)

Be cool & comment if you snag.
Credit long_faceee or nowaitstop

preview !!

.. ..

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wes anderson themed party 
07:22pm 21/06/2008
  i'm sure you've all had them! and they've probably been better than the one i went to just because the fact that the one i went to, me and my friend were the only ones dressed up! but here's a picture anyway!

Collapse )

also! this is a random question! but! my ipod is named max fischer and i was at a friends the other day and i logged into her computer and it said "max fischer is now available for synching" and i did a double take and thought "have i ever plugged my ipod into her computer?!" and that's when i asked her "is your ipod named max fischer?!" and she goes "yeah why?" and i go "so is mine!!!!!"

so here's a question, who else named their ipod max fischer?

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12:20am 31/12/2007
   [1-60] Rushmore
[61-79] Bottle Rocket


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I'll be posting the rest as soon as I can. Just too busy.

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Wes Anderson’s AT&T commercials 
01:10pm 06/11/2007
  If you love Wes Anderson’s work, be sure to check out the “Your Seamless World” TV spots he directed for AT&T, on how busy travelers like reporters and students are able to stay in touch- no matter how many places they live.
Watch them here, and visit AT&T’s Souvenir Store to create customized souvenirs for where you live.

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09:24am 24/07/2007
  7 rushmore icons
17 royal tenenbaums
9 say anything
2 fight club


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06:55pm 25/12/2006
  does anyone know where to find hi res screenshots of Rushmore, especially of max's clubs? I want to make a calendar for next year!  

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07:53pm 14/11/2006
  This may be a strange question, but does anyone know if there's a name for the kind of red hat that Max wears in parts of the movie?

I'm trying to buy one and I've looked at thrift stores and eBay, but I was hoping to narrow the search with a specific name. Thanks.

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Jason Schwartzman on crack 
11:32pm 12/10/2006
  Who here saw Spun?
What did you think of it?
I loved it. It made me dizzy.

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06:41pm 03/10/2006
mood: confused
I was just wondering, why hasn't anyone made a Rushmore mood theme?

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The Secret 
02:55am 18/09/2006
  For anyone else who may be interested, some of my favorite songs from the Rushmore Soundtrack.

Rue St. Vincent
*A Summer Song
Concrete and Clay
*Here Comes My Baby
*The Wind


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steely dan and wes! 
01:17am 24/08/2006

im sure you will all find that as equally amusing as I did! its a bit lengthy but a humorous read none the less. lets just say i never knew steely dan were such movie buffs! tell me what ya think!- drea

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09:26am 29/07/2006
  please comment if you take one & give proper credit to seagulls

+ I ♥ Huckabees Quotes
+ Rushmore Quotes

click here for more

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07:53pm 19/07/2006
  1-43 Rushmore
44-69 Jackson Pollis


the rest here...

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10:35am 10/07/2006
  hiii guys.
i sell custom totebags on etsy.com, and i recently put a rushmore one up for sale!
i'd love if you'd check it out!!


thanks. :]
(let me know if this isn't allowed)

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I need help - The Bee Keeper Logo! 
12:13am 25/06/2006
mood: curious
So, the team of the school in this film is the Bee Keepers - right?
They have a logo...

Does anyone have an image of this logo that I can see????

I'd totally owe you one...

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10:36pm 19/05/2006
  What song is playing during the war? By war, I mean the destruction of the bycycle, the arrest, all that fun stuff.

thanks much!!!

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03:46pm 18/05/2006
  I just watched rushmore for about the 100th time last week.  It is the best movie ever!

Glad to be a part of this community now.

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Wes Anderson. 
01:50pm 27/04/2006
  Hey guys, im working on a site dedicated to the wonderful Mr. Wes Anderson and was wondering if any of you guys had good ideas for a name for the site?
Like, I want something clever and hopefully includes something from one of his films.
I have a few ideas myself, but wanted to get other's input first.

ps- this is cross posted. :) so sorry if I cluttered your friends pages.

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